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Snow Leopard Tour

The Snow leopard! Endangered, highly elusive, less than 5000 in the wild worldwide – but, with Tour de India, it is still possible to see this shyest of all cats in its remote Himalayan habitat. Just a sight of this mystic animal is a dream for many wildlife enthusiasts. This ‘Ghost of the Mountains’ is, in many ways, the holy grail of cats.
To catch a peek of this magical beast you will need, at times, to travel up to 10,000 feet through wild, snow-capped mountains. The scenery will be mind-blowing, as will be the chance to see the legendary snow leopard. We can help you every step of the way on this
tour of a lifetime. For a chance to sight this beautiful cat, we take you on an exciting ride to the Spiti valley in the Indian province of Himachal Pradesh. This wild region cannot be flown into during winter, so the only options are by truck or on foot. This route is hard but it takes you beyond the popular (but over-crowded) lowlands, into a whole new, secluded world – and the very best place to spot a snow leopard.
They major prey of the snow leopard are Bharalor the Himalayan Blue Sheep, and the Siberian or Himalayan Ibex, all in abundance in the region, as are minor prey such as birds like the Snow Cock. This tour is not about doing what everyone is doing, it’s more about seeking places that are ‘not on map’ and with a conservation-oriented approach in mind. Snow Leopards are difficult to sight in spring, summer and autumn months partly due to their striking camouflage in rocky terrains. But, in the winter months, our chances of
spotting one of these majestic creatures increase to about 80%. Our field experts and local guides have been working in the region for many years. They will do all they can to fulfil your dream of spotting the leopard. However, luck plays its part
and sometimes the shy cat wins the game of ‘hide &seek’. What we always win is a chance to survive a week long journey in the place where Snow Leopards reign. And to know that even if you miss spotting one of them, the great Himalayan Cat has surely
spotted you!


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