Beyond Adventure

Family Camping

What better way to create family bonding than parents and children embracing the Great Outdoors together and learning a host of new skills. Whether pitching your tent, lighting a camp fire, fishing, mountain survival skills, wild swimming, wildlife photography, or basic First Aid, we can help you and your family master them all. Or if you fancy something more relaxed, how about bird watching in ancient woodland or learning to cook some local recipes or simply sampling the wonderful Himalayan food that nature provides. The possibilities are endless and we can help you select the outdoor skills that excite you and your family the most.



Most of us swim in pools full of heavily chlorinated water. But have you experienced swimming in a wild river flowing with ice chilled water direct from the mountains? Experience

Bird watching

Himachal is home to hundreds of species of beautiful regional and migrating birds. Every day you will get the chance to see birds as varied as the Brown Dipper, Spotted Fork Tail, Yellow- Billed Blue Magpie, Long tailed Minivet and several breeds of eagle. The Himalayas are an ornithologist’s dream!

Outdoor & Basic Survival Skills

This is a wonderful new addition. Here at Tour de India,
we really value survival skills in the wild and have seen how much  satisfaction learning about the outdoors

Authentic Local Food

Eat like a Local! You will be able to sample locally grown organic veggies, seasonal fruits and a host of divine dairy products like curd, lassi and buttermilk, all local delicacies. Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will be eating the healthiest, freshest food the Himalayas can offer.

Photography Workshop

To learn about photography is more than fun, it can be a powerful tool of expression. You can discover the world and yourself via photography and we can help you gain mastery over the basics and an vital understanding of your camera equipment.  In our Short Photography Workshops we deliver you the basics and some valuable tricks which will definitely help you get some amazing pictures. 
The one proviso for this course is that you must carry your own camera. Then, a team of professional photographers will lead you throughout the workshop and make you see the world from a whole new angle. This is a free workshop offered to anyone who is joining one of our tours.

Short Documentary Film & Photography

It’s important to never let the special moments fade away. So why not carry home all the memories from your tour
right from your arrival to your departure.  If this appeals to you, we are happy to create a short video highlighting the amazing moments you and your family share during your stay with us. This way, you can revisit your great Himalayan adventure whenever you like. 

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