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Bird watching is a recreational activity that involves observing wild birds in their native habitat. People at
all levels of fitness and ornithological knowledge can be birders. There are a number of reasons to
participate in this activity, but most birders say that they simply enjoy the opportunity to go outside, learn
about nature, and spend time with people who have likeminded interests.

Humans have been identifying and observing birds for centuries in an attempt to become more
knowledgeable about the natural world. Modern birders restrict their identifications to photographs and
drawings, but in former centuries, birders also shot and mounted the birds that they identified in the wild.
One of the most famous bird watchers, Salim Ali, John Jacob Audubon, killed hundreds of birds, including
many new species, and brought them back to life in vivid and unique drawings.

We at Tour De India organizes birding tours around the Himalayan regions of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet and its foothills, all of them great hotspots for birding. High altitude lakes, rivers, forests, grasslands and wetlands are all worth exploring for birders and nature lovers. There is an abundance of beautiful birds to witness – and during each tour we hope to see well over 700 different species.

Best referral Birding Guide Books:

  • “A Field Guide to the Birds Of India,Bhutan,Nepal,Bangladesh,Sri Lanka,Pakistan and Maldives by “Krys
  • “Birds Of Kangra” by Jan Willam Den Besten​


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