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Our Approach

It’s all about you. If you have a vision, we make it happen. If you’re still mulling over options, we help shape them into a storyline. And if you’re not really sure what you want to do, we have plenty of ideas. Wherever you begin, the end result will be a trip that weaves together all you want to experience – and nothing you don’t.

It’s utterly original. Your trip doesn’t exist until we create it for you. And afterward, it will live on in the stories you tell and the memories you share.

We take you in deeper. You get behind the scenes, off the grid, further into the culture. For us, travel is a series of life-enriching experiences through which you learn more about the world, connect with other people, get closer to your companions and better understand yourself. Every moment counts. Our job is to ensure that you enjoy the richest possible experience, and that you feel your precious time couldn’t possibly have been better spent.

We handle everything. Full pre-trip research, thorough planning and reconnaissance, attentive guides and fascinating local experts every step of the way. Plus all the nuances of staffing, risk assessment, security and logistics. We leave nothing to chance. Everything is possible. If it doesn’t exist, we create it. If it hasn’t been done, then it’s time someone did. And if people say it’s impossible, we set out to prove them wrong.

Tour De India is not for everyone. But if you want a unique luxury travel experience that’s as much a journey of discovery as an escape from the everyday, we’re likely the right fit for you

Tour De India Style

Your Tour De India journey is Organic and Authentic!  It doesn’t exist until the way we shape it for you. And once you’ve experienced our approach, you’ll wonder how you ever accepted travelling any other way.

What does it take to create a truly bespoke trip? We start with our unique process of journalistic research, uncovering the various aspects of a region that best fit your goals and personal tastes.  Once we have your blessing on an overall plan, we continue exploring beyond the obvious, unearthing the crucial details and closely guarded secrets that add up to the real story. Just as importantly, we forge relationships with knowledgeable, influential and inspiring people who can bring that story to life.


Wherever necessary, we head in-country to connect with our existing contacts and discover new ones. Bypassing the established tourist infrastructure, we journey through four-wheel drive, horseback, special Heritage Trains, Bike, Motorbike – and, of course, on foot. We test every manner of accommodations and try our hand at unusual activities.

We ask our local host, farmer, villager to show us cultural, farms, orchards, and culinary gems that they only share with family and friends and carried forward from centuries. And we head out into the wild trails of Himalaya, foothills and villages, scouring authentic culinary flavors. Tour De India’s clients make a significant emotional investment in the bespoke experiences we create for them. And we match that with an equally significant investment of our time and expertise, as we fine-tune each element to deliver the most rewarding possible outcome. Seasoned travelers appreciate not having to spend their own valuable time trying to build such complex, multi-layered trips. But the value goes much deeper than that. We get to know our clients extremely well – not just their dietary needs and hotel preferences, but their personal interests and deep-seated motivations. At the same time, we peel back the layers of the regions they want to explore, considering them from all angles and finding the vital human connections that will make each place uniquely memorable. At Tour De India we consider our journeys are designed and deliver in such a way which creates a bond for life between travelers, region and its people.

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Our Ethic

A truly bespoke trip is a story only you can tell- about an experience only we can create. We craft one-of-a-kind travel experiences in every corner of the Indian Sub-continent– wherever you and your companions may wish to explore. Each trip we create is by definition unique. What all of our trips share in common is the belief that any journey worth taking should be a rich personal story set within the larger narrative of your life.

If you can imagine it Tour De India has the expertise and connections to make it happen Strolling through a renowned art collection with the curator who put it together – or chatting over drinks with the architect who designed the museum. Meeting a writer or director or politician whom you’ve always admired – or meeting His Holiness the Dalai Lama and having a special prayer for you in a Monastery or Filming a Tigress and her cubs with an award-winning videographer – flying to an unexplored valley or a stay with the royal family. Everything we do for our clients is summed up in one simple goal to redefine what travel can be. There are many ways you can visit exotic places in luxury. But with us, there’s far more to the journey than what you see and where you stay it’s personal.

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  • Tour De India, Arvind Sharma, House No.70 A, Village-Gamru, Kotwali Bazar Dharamsala Distt-Kangra,Himachal Prdaesh-176215 India
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